We transport all orders utilizing careful plain bundling alongside following numbers. Our bundles require a provided endless supply of the shipment and are identifiable exhaustively to the conveyance address. For discount orders transporting is for nothing.

Truth be told, we ensure that every one of our items are bundled inside silver foil packs which are heat fixed to secure the substance of your request. These are multiplied bundled inside a super amazing and tough Jiffy envelope which is then taped at the two closures to keep away from any undesirable or incidental opening of the package on the way. We do our most extreme to guarantee that your bundle is conveyed free from any danger with practically no harm and where essential we may likewise add an additional a layer of air pocket fold over your items to protect them. The external bundling is plain, basic and careful with positively no marking or reference to where the package might have been sent from. We generally ensure that the right postage has been paid and this will obviously be shown on the facade of your package when it shows up.


We use generally USPS, FedEx, DHL, or EMS administrations for the shipment of your request. Discount requests can require 3 – 6 days relying upon the country. Kindly note these times are not ensured by us.